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camera dance

My first dance with a camera

When I was 8 years old (1980), I got my first camera as a gift. Since then I have been experimenting with cameras. First with an old 60s Rippa camera, later with a Nikon FM 2.
Now digital photography allowed me to bring experiment and result close enough in order to create a continuous learning process.

Intentional camera movement

In 2015 I started “dancing” with the camera. I tried to make the momentum of my movement visible.
Since then I have concentrated on ICM photography with exposure times between 0.2 and 10 seconds – at first without having heard of the name of the technique.

While photographing, I am focusing on myself, not on the object. I want to capture my impression of the moment. For me, this is a contemplative practice.

The image is created – or not – in the moment of the shot. I do not salvage almost-perfect shots with Photoshop.
All you see are effects that were created in the camera. (ICE – in camera effects). 


Searching for stories

As a photographer, author or pedagogue – I am searching for stories: In words, sounds, images, atmospheres and incidents. The stories are created inside of me, but only under the right circumstances.

People think in stories. I want to tell stories which allow beholders to become narrators and find their very personal interpretation – in novels, prose miniatures or photographs. I hope that my vague images open up these possibilities. 


Why „erfindlich“?

„erfindlich“ is a play with words. It is the name of my blog. I have started it when I have collected forgotten affirmative. I have found the word, which made me realise, that there is no affirmative to the german word „unerfindlich“. „unerfindlich“ means that there is no chance to think of a conclusive explanation. So the forgotten affirmative „erfindlich“ opens up opportunities to think of.