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Imagination of Space

Point to point to line to line to area to area to space.

What does it take for us to create a space? The simple idea of a space opens the actually flat image. The gaze searches for patterns. Points are thought to lines, lines to surfaces and surfaces to space. 

The beholders themselves define the space through their gazes and interpretations. They become the actual creators of the space.

All individual ideas of a space overlap and only together form the depicted space in all its imperfection.

On the occasion of the exhibition #lübeckcontemporary from Jan 23 til Mar 23 – extended until June 11 – I offer a signed fine art print in 120 x 90 cm.

limited edition of 2

All effects are created during the shooting by the movement of the camera. The image has not been digitally post-processed.

lineareaspace II

lineareaspace III

lineareaspace I




lineareaspace IV




lineareaspace V




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